Below is what the Panthers "look" has been over the past 54 years.
With the help of several sites we were able to reconstruct Perry football uniforms from the past. In some cases we were unable to
get exact detail,(such as the P's on the pants) but we able to get a very close match to the originals. We are still in the process of
adding more away uniforms from recent years, but the process is timely.  We hope to have a complete history of ALL the Panther
"looks" in the near future.
One note of interest from 1956 through 1977 the OHSAA rule was that the home team wore "light or white" uniforms, so that will
be reflected in our history. We hope you enjoy this latest addition to, your complete source for Panther
Football, past, present and future.
1956-1958 Away
Home was white with black no.
plain white pants
1959-1962 Away
1959-1962 Home
1963-1966 Away
1966-1975 Home
In 1966 gold was
added as a trim or
third color. That
led to more
combinations for
the home and
away uniforms
1967-1975 Home
1967-1974 Away
1969-1974 Away
1969-1975 Home
1975-1977 Away
1976-1977 Home and 1978-1981 Away
1976-1977 Home and 1978-1981 Away
1982-1986 Home
1987-1992 Home
1993-2004 Home
2005-2009 Home
1978-1981 Home